Selected potatoes

The selection of raw materials is our maxim to offer a natural product with a unique aroma, flavor and texture.

Salt from the Mar Menor

Our chips are seasoned with salt from the Mar Menor, a salt collected in the San Pedro Del Pinatar Regional Park that, thanks to its climate and location, results in an exceptional flavor.

Sunflower oil

We do not use palm oils or derivatives. All our potatoes are fried with 100% natural sunflower or olive oil.

Fabrication process

We pamper every part of the manufacturing process, from its collection to its packaging, only in this way can a quality product be guaranteed.

Without allergens

None of our chips contain gluten or other allergens. The natural is healthier.

Protective atmosphere

We pack our products with nitrogen to prevent oxidation. This guarantees us a stable and exceptional flavor product throughout its useful life.


We currently market our products to more than 15 countries, including demanding markets such as the United States and Taiwan.


There is a magnificent team behind ACHO. Each and every one of them are responsible for what that started with laughter became the reality that it is today, a solid and ambitious project.

Point of sale support

We have a proactive attitude with our clients whom we consider travel companions. When we open a client, we prepare digital marketing campaigns for the best reputation of the brand, we attend fairs, we give promotional support. In summary, we bet on our distributors for the growth of the brand.


As experts in online marketing we develop innovative communication strategies in social networks and other online media, which allows us to continuously support the selected points of sale in any part of the world, thus loyalty to the final consumer.